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The following is a short story I started, but haven't finished yet. Maybe I'll finish it soon and post the rest.


     The old mansion on Oleander Street was once a hideout for gangsters. However, on the warm, sunny, autumn afternoon in California, that was the last thing the new homeowners expected.

     Isabel's father led her up the rickety, old, front steps. Isabel's long, straight, midnight black hair tumbled down her back like a waterfall. Her innocent, twelve-year-old, deep brown eyes took in her new home.

     "This place looks scary, Daddy," Isabel said sweetly, her words dripping like newly spun honey.

     "Nonsense," her father replied. "It's our new home. I saw it last night when driving by and called on it first thing this morning.

     Since I was transferred here on such short notice, I didn't think we'd be able to find a big, beautiful fixer-upper in our price range…but here we are!"

     Little did Isabel or her father know what awful surprises were in store for them. Welcome home, innocent victims. Welcome home!

     Isabel's favorite place to play was the den on the lower floor…and that wasn't good. Because just off the den was a small door that led to the basement. The eerie basement. The spooky basement. The eerie, spooky basement. It was the place where Ned had once lived. Nervous Ned, as he was called, had nerves of Jell-o-and he'd used the basement for years to hide gangster secrets. He dug tunnels and created traps. Treacherous traps. He hid traps throughout the basement tunnels, so if the Feds came close to discovering his gangster secrets, they'd get treacherously trapped in the tunnels!

     Unfortunately for Isabel, she knew nothing of Nervous Ned or his traps. She knew only that she was tickled pink to be in her new house. She had never been in her own house before this. Her family could never afford it. But they could now. Now she finally had a place to call home. Everything was perfect.

     Isabel sat in the den, watching TV and relaxing with her family. This was her dream come true. In delight, she brushed a lock of her long, straight, midnight black hair out of her deep brown eyes. Her dad gave her a big hug.

     Suddenly it happened! From behind the basement door came a snapping sound, like a twig breaking. Bursting with curiosity, Isabel stood up and approached the basement door. She grabbed the handle and twisted it...

That's all. If I can think of more, I'll post them here so check back.



As seen in Laptop Series by Christopher P. N. Maselli!

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