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I'm not sure what to write here, but I'll give you a few tips my dad taught me about sports and getting ready for sports.

1. Always be sure to eat right. A lot of people think it's all about practice, but if you just eat junk food like Pooka Dookas, you'll never have the energy you need out on the field.

2. A good way to warm up is to jog. I usually jog around the field when I'm playing a field sport, or around the gym when I play a gym sport. If you can't go anywhere, sometimes you can still jog in place.

3. Don't let Gill tell you a joke before you play or you'll crack up right when you're supposed to be thinking about catching the ball.

4. Do let Lamar pray for you. I don't know why, but everytime he says he prays for our team, we do better.

5. Keep studying good, even if you're not that good in school. If your grades go down, you probably won't be allowed to play sports anymore, which would stink.

6. Be sure to wear good shoes. I once hurt my knee running because I had on bad shoes. I recommend Nike, though my new coach says he likes Adidas better. They're probably both fine.

7. As hard as you can, be real focussed during training. Listen to instructions so when the real play time comes, you can do your best. Watch professionals like the Slammer and the HockPuck's Hot-Shot Howard. They can give you some good tips by example.

8. If you're ever asked to write a page about sports tips, at least make sure someone can make some graphics for your page otherwise it'll just look like a bunch of boring words.

9. Always have a positive attitude.

That's all. If I can think of more, I'll post them here so check back.


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